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The Draw is a shot that causes the golf ball to spin from right to left. This causes the ball to go to the right and bend to the left. The Draw will help you improve your golf score because it will give you more distance and make you be more consistent in your golf swing. But how do you hit a draw? This lesson will give tips on hitting the draw.

Getting the ball to Draw

In order for the ball to get right to left spin, the club face must strike the ball one or two degrees closed and it will continue to close as it passes through to the other side of the golf ball. The things that create this closed impact are the grip, the alignment to the ball and the follow through at impact.

All of these are covered in the pages click a tab to read. I will cover more in later articles.

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PGA Pro D.A. Points has a great tip for you using a yard stick.

Tiger Woods has now hit rock bottom with his first round at the PGA.  The magic is just not in his swing and his confidence is way down.  What do you think he needs to do to come out of this?

I for one think that all he needs to do is play more.  That’s right, he can’t just take time off.  He needs to play.  The time off stuff is over,  time to get back to work!  Play every week until he wins is what he needs to do to get that edge he once had.

Hank Haney explains how keeping your head down is wrong and that you should keep your head up but eyes follow the ball during your golf swing.

Tiger talks about playing his way on the President’s Cup at Firestone. I think he can do it.

Tiger Woods is Back at his favorite golf course.  Here are some memorable moments.



The Driver probably is the single club that frustrates me the most when I hit it.  On good days I will hit it great for 4 or 5 shots and then left, right, left, right  into the woods.  On bad days it just goes left, right, and sky ball.    I found these  tips that have helped me improve my shots with my Driver.

Tee the ball correctly

The ball needs to be high enough to let your club swing through it on a very slight upward stroke.  Tee it so the ball is on the top halve of the club face when you hit it.

 Sit the club correctly

When you address your shot, the driver is flat on the ground so you show the natural loft of the club to produce better ball flight.

Know your distance

If you know how far you normally hit it in the air and how far it rolls you can check to see if danger lurks in your driver range.  You can now hit with more confidence knowing that you have the correct club in your hands and its possible position when it stops rolling.

Practice with it

The only way to get better with your driver golf swing is to hit it in practice and then when your done, practice some more until you are hitting the ball consistently and that can transform when you take it on the course into lower golf scores.

Finally, Play your own game

You know how far you hit the ball!  You are playing against the course and not your opponent who might hit it longer.  Don’t ever try to out drive your opponent.  If your score is lower, who cares how far they drive it.  It is very easy to try to keep up and then end up in the lake.  Play your own game, it is the best for you.

These are just a few of the tips that you can use to improve your golf swing with your driver.



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Golf Swing Tips For Any Level Of Play

By Jeremy Winters

The way in which you swing your golf club is the most rudimentary of golf skills, yet it can for some people be the most elusive. Regardless of whether you are an amateur golfer or a veteran trying to improve your game, there are a number of tips and methods you can implement to either help you learn the game or achieve lower scores. Learning how to properly swing a golf club is one of the most difficult and important parts of the game, but by following some basic golf swing tips it is very easy to increase both your accuracy and the distance of your drive.

A golfer’s grip is the most fundamental part of the golf swing. There are a variety of options when choosing the right grip and determining which grip is right for you is critical in both how far and how straight you manage to hit the ball.

The Interlocking Grip is the most commonly used grip for people with short or thick hands. It allows you to create the required leverage to deliver as much power as you can into your swing. This grip requires the index finger and little finger of opposite hands to overlap and interlock.

The Baseball Grip is the most commonly used grip for amateurs or those who lack arm or wrist strength. In this grip, similar to the sport it is named after, the index and little fingers do touch, however they do not overlap or interlock.

The Backswing is another important part of a golfer’s swing. By allowing the outside knee to collapse during the backswing, you will cause a dropping of the shoulder and swaying of the hips, affecting your swing considerably. During the backswing, one should also remember to keep the arms locked while drawing back to the furthest point possible and to pause at the peak of the backswing.

Another area in which golf swing tips are of use is in the follow-through. Completion of a proper follow-through should leave your head facing the target with your chin over your shoulder. Remember to keep your head behind the ball as you fully release the club and after hitting it to extend your swing through the ball. Condition yourself to hit the ball and the tee together, as this will help you train to carry your swing through the ball rather than at it.

Practicing a few of these basic golf swing tips will allow you to not only improve your game, but to feel more confident every time you step on the course.

Are you looking for some effective golf driving tips? Be sure to visit my site to learn how to hit long irons and many other great golf tips.

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