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Nothing ruins a golf swing more than poor alignment.  Let’s say you setup to the golf shot, your grip is perfect, you hit a nice high shot, straight as an arrow, right into the houses on the left side of the green.  What Happened?

It is your alignment!

One of the things you can do to correct this is to line up alignment sticks in the direction of your target line at the practice range.  Yes, you have seen people do that before and the reason is you need to train your mind and eyes in the direction you want to aim.  It’s like aiming a gun, if you want to shoot at the target you need to aim at it not to the right or left of it.

Straight to the target.

Watch this video to learn more.

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick (Blue)

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick (Blue)

Golfnsticks Golf Alignment Sticks (2-pack)

Golfnsticks Golf Alignment Sticks (2-pack)

Watch Tiger Woods golf swing in slow motion. Do you think you can copy that? The answer is most definite NO! So do not even try because you will fail.   Try something that is within your reach. Take your swing and perfect your swing and call it your own.  You see a lot of players spend too much time trying to be someone they are not and end up either hurting themselves or getting worse in the golf game.   I know a way that will guarantee you will golf within yourself.

What’s that you say?  You want a teaching aid that will help you get to a wrist position like Tiger Wood’s golf Swing?

Then you need to watch this.

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid This is the product shown in the video above. price

In the golfing world, “Drive for show, putt for dough” is an old adage. However, the ability to hit long, accurate tee shots takes the pressure off other parts of your game and is undoubtedly an advantage. The driver is the longest club in the bag and, for many golfers, the most difficult to hit consistently. If you can master the driver, the better your chances of mastering all the other clubs in the bag as well.

The key to maximizing your distance from the tee is to swing your driver fast, not hard. Try to stay relaxed throughout your swing and stretch your arms outward to make a wide arc. Rotate your upper body to keep your left shoulder – if you`re right-handed – behind the ball during your backswing. Keep your head and upper body behind the ball, but let you hands turn over and release through impact to achieve maximum club head speed.

Of course, club head speed still counts for very little if the club face isn`t facing the target at impact. To achieve accuracy, you need to be aware of the path, or plane, your club head takes during your golf swing. Viewed from behind, if the ball is at the 6 o`clock position on an imaginary clock face, your hands should reach the 10 o`clock position at the top of your backswing if your swing plane is correct. If your golf swing is too shallow, akin to a baseball swing, you`re more likely to hit the ball to the right from the tee, in the form of a fade, slice or push. If your swing is too steep, on the other hand, you`re more likely to hit the ball to the left, in the form of a draw, hook or pull.

Rhythm is as important in golf as it is in other sports. You may have heard your favourite football tipster say that a certain side plays well if allowed to establish a rhythm and the same principle applies to your golf swing. Try to swing your driver smoothly without hesitation. Club head speed is important, but don`t consciously try to accelerate your downswing. If you swing smoothly, your downswing will naturally speed up as you rotate the club shaft through impact. With a little practice, you should be able to eliminate any natural tendency to try to hit the cover off the ball and consistently achieve longer, more accurate tee shots.

Tiger Woods is Back at his favorite golf course.  Here are some memorable moments.



Golf Swing Tips For Any Level Of Play

By Jeremy Winters

The way in which you swing your golf club is the most rudimentary of golf skills, yet it can for some people be the most elusive. Regardless of whether you are an amateur golfer or a veteran trying to improve your game, there are a number of tips and methods you can implement to either help you learn the game or achieve lower scores. Learning how to properly swing a golf club is one of the most difficult and important parts of the game, but by following some basic golf swing tips it is very easy to increase both your accuracy and the distance of your drive.

A golfer’s grip is the most fundamental part of the golf swing. There are a variety of options when choosing the right grip and determining which grip is right for you is critical in both how far and how straight you manage to hit the ball.

The Interlocking Grip is the most commonly used grip for people with short or thick hands. It allows you to create the required leverage to deliver as much power as you can into your swing. This grip requires the index finger and little finger of opposite hands to overlap and interlock.

The Baseball Grip is the most commonly used grip for amateurs or those who lack arm or wrist strength. In this grip, similar to the sport it is named after, the index and little fingers do touch, however they do not overlap or interlock.

The Backswing is another important part of a golfer’s swing. By allowing the outside knee to collapse during the backswing, you will cause a dropping of the shoulder and swaying of the hips, affecting your swing considerably. During the backswing, one should also remember to keep the arms locked while drawing back to the furthest point possible and to pause at the peak of the backswing.

Another area in which golf swing tips are of use is in the follow-through. Completion of a proper follow-through should leave your head facing the target with your chin over your shoulder. Remember to keep your head behind the ball as you fully release the club and after hitting it to extend your swing through the ball. Condition yourself to hit the ball and the tee together, as this will help you train to carry your swing through the ball rather than at it.

Practicing a few of these basic golf swing tips will allow you to not only improve your game, but to feel more confident every time you step on the course.

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This video shows different methods to think about when involved in a round of golf.

The secret to improve scoring is knowing how your game is doing today and getting the most out of it for that moment in a shot. Learn more golf swing secrets Now.


For those who have played golf for many years, it is easy to pick up little habits that can be detrimental to your game. Instead of tweaking and tinkering, it can sometimes be better just to go back to basics and pick up some tips to improve your game that you may have used when you were just starting out.

Problems with the Swing

For many golfers new and old, problems can begin with the swing: At some point in every golfer`s life, as the club comes down, the left knee can collapse which causes your shoulders to drop and your hips to turn too far.

Imagine a Football

Simply by imagining a football between your knees as you swing the club can have a beneficial effect and you can even use a football on the practice areas to help maintain a rigid left knee.

Power Control

If power in the swing is another issue then there is also a simple technique that can remedy this. To achieve power you need control and that control starts with your weaker arm.

If you are right handed try a practice session where you swing solely with your left. The first few shots may be a little wayward but after a while you will notice some control creeping in.

Your left arm also becomes stronger and next time you play a drive off the tee, this combination of power and control can see you achieve a greater distance.

Bunker Play

For many weekend golfers the death of a good round can take place in the bunker and a promising start to your game can be ruined by poor bunker play in an instant.

This is the place where a lot of minor adjustments are made by golfers but once again, going back to basics can produce instant results.

One of the chief reasons for playing a poor bunker shot and maybe even staying in the sand with a worse lie is that the player quits on the shot.


It is important to maintain acceleration throughout the shot. If you stop or slow down, or even hit too hard at the point of impact you won`t achieve the same results that steady acceleration will bring.

It may sound like a simple tip but its amazing how many people forget this basic advice that we were all given when we started playing the game.

Visualize the Game

One of the most important pieces of practice can be done just before heading out on the course.

Mental preparation is a huge part of the game these days and while we can`t all call upon the services of a sports psychologist, there are many things we can do to get focused for the round ahead.

Visualizing your round can be a good place to start:

Before you go out, try visualizing every shot of your round until you`re making great putts,  perfect approaches and powerful swings every time.

Positive Thinking

This won`t guarantee you`ll replicate the round that you`ve just made in your head but this form of positive thinking will ensure that you feel good about your game when you step onto the first tee.


Improve the little things and your golf score will improve.  The swing and the mental game are just a few of the things you can work on to get that golf score lower and have more fun.


We all play golf because we love it and playing better just enhances this love and when little things are going wrong it can help to look at basic free footy tips to turn things round.

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