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The Golf Swing is the most important part of the golf game.
Yes, everyone knows that.  Then why is it that the
average golfer has so much problems with the swing?

The answer is that the average golfer spends way to much time on
worrying about way too many things that the mind becomes overloaded and
causes the body to malfunction and mishit the golf ball.

There is a way to correct this and that is with a simple golf swing.
You heard the term Keep it Simple Stupid.  I’m going to tell
you that you can improve your swing by just keeping it simple.

The swing mechanics should be engrained in your mind and automatic.
You should not have to think about.  What do you
think about when you hit a shot?  Do you think Oh! I hope I
don’t slice it and then you slice it.

What you can do is practice good sound mechanics to setup your
shot everytime.

Your body can be trained to subconciously repeat the same swing over
and over without thinking about it out on the practice range.

In the left hand column are links to various components of the golf
swing to give you some tips and advice to help you score on the golf
course.  There is also menu tabs to click for various pages on the golf swing.

I wish you the best and hope to see you on the links.

John Scigliano

P.S. Currently this site is a work in progress and being updated.
Check back in a few days for more articles and links showing key
factors to improve your golf swing.


John Scigliano