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Allow yourself to imagine a scene of you  hitting the ball into the green side bunker and your playing partner says to you looks like you got yourself a fried egg.

Now imagine you going up to that fried egg knowing exactly how to get that golf ball to go up close to the pin for a tap in putt.

By the end of this article you will have a step by step guide that will save yourself a shot or two the next time you have a fried egg lie.

Steps to Hitting the Fried Egg from the Bunker


1.  Align the ball to the middle of your stance or just slightly forward as opposed to off your left heel for the normal bunker shot.

2.  Align your feet slightly left of the target.

3. Square the club-face to the target line just as you would your normal bunker shot.

4.  Aim the club face at the edge of the egg.

5.  Swing along the line of your feet (slightly across the target line) and into a nice full finish.

6.  The ball will pop up and out of the bunker.  The ball will tend to run out a bit so allow for that when planning your spot to land the ball.


Now remember this and the next time you have a fried egg.  No Problem.  Just follow the steps described above.

Now go score low!

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This is one of the most feared shots in all of golf by the amateur.
Why? Because it looks so intimidating when you can barely see
your ball, but it doesn’t need to be that way. You will be hitting
great shots and impressing your friends when you follow these steps!

Let’s say that you just don’t have a “fried egg” (where 50% of
the ball is buried) but only the very top of the ball is visible.
What do you do? Follow these steps and you’ll be able to hit
any lie that you have in a bunker.

Here’s what you do:
1. Choke down on the golf club, about in the same position
as a normal bunker shot (1-2 inches from the bottom of the grip).

2. Take your normal stance, however open it up a little bit.

3. The majority of your weight should be on your front foot .
4. Close your clubface and press your hands forward just a
little (this will ensure you to drive the ball out of the sand).

5. Keep your lower body still! This is so important, especially
in this shot!

6. Just like a normal bunker shot take a steep backswing so
that the butt of the club is pointed at the ball. *Remember that
your left arm is going to lead this shot and will be completely
parallel with the ground. Your right elbow is in the locked position.

7. When you start your downswing do not shift your weight – keep
the majority of your weight on your front foot.

8. So once you’ve started your steep downswing hit about 2 inches
behind the ball. This is very important because if you try and hit the
ball first you’ll just drive it back into the sand. By hitting 2 inches
behind the sand will actually lift the ball out your clubface really
doesn’t even touch the golf ball. *Remember it’s very important to
keep your clubface closed so that is can drive the ball out!

9. Remember to swing through the sand and not stop once you’ve
hit the sand.

10. Keep your angle steep throughout the shot.


At the practice bunker stomp a few balls almost completely
submerged (make sure you can only see a little of the ball.
This will give you so much confidence because this only happens
in a small percentage of sand play. Focus on keeping your club
face closed throughout your swing….I can’t stress this enough!

Putting it all together in the bunker:
Normal bunker shot: square to slightly open clubface, evenly
balanced weight or weight on back foot, steep/vertical backswing
(lead with your left arm and keep your right elbow “locked” to its side),
keep your entire lower body still – no weight shifting until you hit the sand.

Buried lie in bunker: slightly closed clubface, forward press your
hand a little, majority of your weight on your front foot, steep/vertical
backswing (lead with your left arm and keep your right elbow “locked”
to its side), keep your entire lower body still.

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