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I was playing in the wind just the other day and got real frustrated with my game. I remembered how Tiger Woods developed a stinger for his game. This is how you can use the stinger for your game.

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Here is a tip to use Width for Distance and Power

Take a look at this video and learn the correct position for your Golf Swing

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Topping the Golf Ball

I know we all have done it.  You set up to the ball ready to deliver that perfect swing and swoosh the ball never leaves the ground and shuffles out about 70 yards or less.

How did that happen?

Some of the things you can check are as follows:

  • Grip
  • Ball Position
  • Stance
  • Posture


The grip may be too tight at address, preventing a proper hinging of the wrist and thus properly releasing the clubhead at impact causing the club to be topped.  You can correct this by holding the club light but firm and felt in the last three fingers of the left hand and the middle two finger of the right hand (reverse if you are lefty).

Ball Position

The ball may be too far forward in the stance or you may be standing too far away at address.  To correct this check that for shorter irons the ball is about midway between the feet, for longer irons move ball slightly forward in the stance toward the target and the driver should be opposite the inside of your left heal.  How far away, depends on your height but the butt of the club should be no farther than 4-5 inches from the inside of your left thigh.


The problem could be the body weight is set too much on the heels at address and cause  you to pull away at impact
and pulling the head of the club up.  To correct this at address try to keep your weight on the balls of your feet and not rock back through the swing.


An inability to maintain your knee flex may cause you to dip downward on the backswing. If this happens the only way to get the club back to the ball and this causes a straightening up of the body up and away from the ball.  Check that your posture is correct by looking at yourself in a mirror.  You should imagine a vertical line from the middle of your shoulders, down through your kneecaps and into the balls of your feet.

Well that is why we top the ball and a few remedies for you to try.

until next time,


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Lower your score by 10 strokes, we have all heard that claim before from just about every golf guru around and usually it involves these big thick manuals or dvd’s that take forever to read or watch.

I want something small that I can look at and get the information I need and not have to waste all my time watching or reading.

Well, I found a short, easy to read book that does all that and more.

The book is called Golf Crisis,  authored by Emmanuel Fauvel – winner of 2006 President Cup in Coutainville Golf Tournament, France and is also a member of Green Valley Golf Course. He wrote this eBook so that every beginner and medium level player can improve their golf score.

In this ebook he covers all the essentials and strategies to lowering your golf score.

Most Golfers reach a certain level and never improve beyond that point.

Fauvel’s book explains some of the concepts that will get you out of your scoring crisis.

Vital Tips to lower your score include:

  • Gaining Confidence in your routine
  • Work on the most important part of your game
  • Choosing Equipment to match your game
  • Visualization
  • Working with your local pro
  • Leaving frustration behind

The information is valuable and the fabulous thing about it is the price.

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until next time,


So you are having trouble getting the ball off the tee with your driver. You have bought so many different drivers and still you can’t hit any of them. What can you Do? Try the following tip next time you are at the practice area.

Develop a low, sweeping kind of action. One way to do this is by widening your stance a little and position the ball just opposite the left heel as you align to the ball. About two-thirds of your weight should be on your right foot at address.

Tee up the ball so that the top half is above the club head. This should cause you to hit the ball in the up path vice down like the irons.

When you start your swing do not ground the club at address. Let it hover above ground and behind the ball. This should result in a smooth shallow take-away vice a snatch away.

Now when you are ready take the club back on a smooth plane slowly and begin to quicken but not rush the shot in the forward motion. Sweep the ball off the tee and down the fairway.

Hit on the up. When you make a low sweeping swing the club will hit the ball after it has passed the lowest point and is beginning to rise.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, a driver or fairway metal requires that longer, flatter swing and can only be achieved by pushing the ball farther forward in your stance so that your hands are in line with the club head. The hands should appear to be slightly behind the ball at address. This will encourage the action of hitting up on the ball.

Allow your head to turn and rotate through the shot just like you would follow the shot through your whole swing. From start rotate your head back, follow your head down the fairway. This will allow your body to rotate through the whole swing and allow you to make a powerful hit through the ball.

Hope this helps,


One of the shots that is very frustrating to me is the skied drive,  you know the one where you hit it reasonably straight and straight up in the air with the distance of a 9 iron.  I even saw Tiger Woods sky one yesterday at the Master’s Golf Tournament.  This tip will explain why you sky your drives and how to fix it.

With a skied golf shot you will lose up to 70% of your distance,  this occurs because the clubhead chops down under the ball much like your short irons.  Sometimes this is caused by teeing too high but  more times than not it is because of poor technique.

A common fault is that your swing is excessively upright on the backswing, caused by picking the club up too steeply with your hands at takeaway.  In other words, too much lift and not enough width with your backswing.

To fix this fault try to start your takeaway low and slow,  watch Ken Perry when he takes back the club.

Concentrate on sweeping the club away and turning your back on the target and swinging your arms and club around your body promoting a full and wide backswing.

In your downswing focus on sweeping the ball away rather than hitting down on it.  There are many drills that can re-create this movement.

I will go over some of those drills in the next few posts.

See you on the links,