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When using a driver, it is common to be a little to quick or aggressive when moving from the top of the backswing to the downswing and sometimes this may cause to steep of an angle at impact that will cause you to sky the ball. One drill that can help you is to pause at the top.

The following drill will assist you in not being so aggressive when moving down:

  1. Start by making a normal backswing, move all the way to the top
  2. Pause at this point for about a fraction of a second
  3. As you begin down try to feel calm or lazy and try to sweep the ball off the tee
  4. Now as the club gains momentum down try to make the club head strike at 4 o clock

Now lets review what this drill does:

A short pause will cause you to gather your moving parts together calm them down and then surge into the golf ball.

Hitting at 4 o clock will provide the club with an out to in path through impact to produce a draw or a straight shot and not a slice.

Try this drill and you will find your slice or your skied golf ball will soon disappear.

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After you have setup for your golf swing, I recommend you check the following:

  • Your Target is 1-3 feet out
  • Your Back is Straight
  • Your Bent at the Waist
  • Your Holding the club lightly – NO WHITE KNUCKLES
  • Your Relaxed

Right before you swing remind yourself

  • Swing around axis of spine
  • Stop when left arm is parallel to ground
  • Ball won’t move in my vision as I am swinging the club back and then through

Now SWING BACK slowly while thinking…

  • • CONNECTED (keep the triangle)
  • • STRAIGHT LEFT (for straight left arm)
  • • SHOULDER TURN (turning RIGHT SHOULDER around spine)
  • • ELBOW SIDE (right elbow against right side)
  • • STOP LEFT (stop when left arm is parallel to ground)

Now SWING FORWARD. Use these trigger words…

  • • TURN (hands turning with chest)
  • • LEFT ELBOW (delay left elbow at belly button)
  • • SNAP (roll right wrist over left at the ball)
  • • CROSS (forearms cross after impact)
  • • FINISH (keep turning to finish, keeping left shoulder low)

Practice this on the practice range and practice this on your practice swing before your shot and you will soon find your shots are on target and your scores will decline.

This is a tip from Todd Sones, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher.

Lack of solid footing can be detrimental to your golf swing.  One golf tip from one of the leading golf instructors, Todd Sones, is to practice your footing in a fairway bunker.

This is a great way to promote proper weight movement.  If you make reverse weight shift in a bunker you are likely to lose your balance.  Hitting from the sand teaches you to keep the lower body balanced, letting your weight transfer naturally to your rear foot going back and to your front foot going forward.  It also helps with the tempo of your swing.

Here’s a simple golf swing drill to help you take the club back and swing forward in the correct alignment.  You see many golf instructors using this precise golf swing drill on the practice range to improve the golf swing.

Take 2 golf clubs and place them on the ground in front of you,  one is placed on the outside of the golf ball with the club head in pointing up and out in front of the ball, the grip end is pointing backward, align the club head pointing toward the target line.

Place the other club parallel to the first club in front of the feet with head pointing toward the target and grip end is pointing backward.

Swing the golf club by taking the club straight back towards the inside to establish an on-plane swing.  At the top, you are in perfect position to swing the club into the ball on the inside path.

If you are on an outside path you will hit the club on the ground.  Practice with these clubs on the ground to engrain into your subconscious how the swing plane should work.

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I’m always looking to improve my driver golf swing.  Here is a tip I found that can improve your driver golf swing.

Like anything when learning golf you need to develop some basic swing drills to affirm in your mind what is suppose to happen. One classic driver golf swing  drill is described in David Leadbetter’s “The Fundamentals of Hogan” and goes as follows: (This drill reinforces how your body should work while swinging a club.)

  1. Take your posture with your driver in your hand, setup just as you were to hit the ball
  2. Drop the club to the ground and fold your arms together across your chest area.
  3. Keeping your lower body solid without excessive foot, knee, and hip motion.  Move and turn to your right side.
  4. Feel the left shoulder moving down, back, and across so you feel the left shoulder brushing your chin.
  5. Shoulders turn 90 degrees to your spin. Don’t tilt or raise them just turn them to the right.
  6. A slight inward movement of the left knee is OK but keep a reasonable gap between both knees at the top.
  7. A turn of 90 degrees at the shoulders and 45 at the hips is a good rule to follow.
  8. Now that you got this turn down.  Pick up the driver and try to hit it.

No matter how good you can swing a club or if you are just starting out in the game, chances are that you would like to improve on your driver golf swing.  The driver golf swing should be fluid and consistent.  Working on simple drills will help improve your game.

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