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On Monday, I was playing a round in the afternoon and noticed my chipping game was way off. So I remembered this nice little drill video that Nick Faldo did a few months back. He shows us how it is done.

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Improving Your Chip Shot

Did you ever notice how the pro’s always chip it close when they are around the green?  How do they do it?

Did you know that the best players in the world only get on the green about 13 or 14 times a round.  The rest they have to use their short game skill.

The best way I know to lower your score and improve your putting is by hitting your chip within 3-5 ft of the hole.  As a matter of fact, some of the greatest minds in golf tell us before we do anything with the long game, practice your short game because that is what scores.

Some Golf Tips you can practice are as follows:

  • Develop Feel
  • Stick to Your Chipping Method
  • Keep Chipping Simple

Develop Feel

When learning how the golf chip is hit, you may want to first start out by placing your clubs on the ground and tossing a few balls toward the green,  see what trajectory you can use to get the ball the closest to the hole.  When I did this I found that a lower trajectory worked for me and what I did was took a less lofted club when I was closer to the green surface and got the ball to roll to the hole.

I once told my brother today I am going to use one club the whole round.  I picked my utility club and learned the feel of the club.  I learned what trajectory it created from various distances.  I choked down on it when between distances.  It forced me to focus and get a feel for each shot.

Stick To Your Chipping Method

Try various methods when practicing your chipping. One method you can try is to focus on a spot a few feet on to the green.  Get your shot to hit that spot and calculate the roll from there.

Another method is to visualize the overall distance from the ball to the flag and hit it with that force (feel).  Whatever method you choose, use the same chipping method during the round and stay consistent.

Keep Chipping Simple

The way I learned what club was correct to use to chip with was to hit the same stroke with a PW, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 and see what trajectory and distance they travel.  Once I have that information in my mind, when I get out to the course it is simple, I look at the distance to the pin, pick out the club that I know will travel the right distance and simply play the same stroke I practiced.

In summary, if you improve your short game you will improve your golf score.  The methods of feel, consistency, and simplicity will assist you in your goal.

Until next time,


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