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In golf it is only possible to hit one golf shot at a time. Often times what happens is that you start thinking about the next shot without having executed the shot your trying to hit now. So how do you go to thinking about just this shot?

There are two possible outcomes to a shot. You either hit a great shot or you have to recover.

If you hit a shot that is where you want to hit it, you can think about placing the shot in position to make a birdie.

If you hit a bad shot, you think about placing the ball in a place to recover to get to the green.

Focus only on that one shot and where you want to place the ball. Do not even think about how to hit the next shot until after you have executed the current shot. Make a plan, visualize the plan, execute the plan and then evaluate the results. After evaluating the results, decide if you must recover to get in a position to score.

Plan, Visualize, Execute, and Evaluate. If you do this one shot at a time, you will score!

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