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What Kind of Golf Ball Should I Use?

Today I am going to talk about Golf Balls. How does the golf ball effect your score? Do you want distance?   Do you want spin?   What do you want from the golf ball?

A lot of us have spent a tremendous amount of money getting the best golf balls, but, does this really give you lower scores? I would say that the majority of players need a ball that they can control off the tee and goes a longer distance.

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Distance Balls (hard cover)

These type of balls are probably the least expensive but they travel farther and move straighter if you have a swing either medium or high in your swing speed and you want more distance then this is the ball you want to get.

Do not fall for the hype on the tv ads. Try a few different brands yourself. If it feels right use it. I score better with the cheaper hard cover balls, believe it or not.

Low Compression

These balls have a hard cover and they are meant to go farther for those with low swing speeds. I really can’t tell the difference but, some people say these balls give them 10 or 15 more yards. I don’t know.  I guess if you have a slower swing that might be true.

Both the Distance balls and Low Compression balls are designed to reduce the spin and thus travel farther.

Multi-layer (Soft)

Multi-layer Balls have a soft shell and are designed to give you maximum spin. They also are more expensive and are designed for low handicap players who want to hold the fast greens and still get the distance.

Since they spin more they also spin more if you slice and spin more if you hook. If you can’t hit it where you want it, I suggest you save your money and go with the distance balls.

The soft balls also deform much more easily so you have to be aware you will use more of them and they are more expensive.  For me these balls are horrible for my putting.  Then again, I am just the average player so I go for the hard cover.

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In summary, you have 3 type of balls to choose when you go to purchase, Distance, Low Compression, and Multi-layer.   Based on how well you hit the ball is what you should base your decision on.    I recommend a distance ball for the average player like you and I.

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Golf balls can be divided into two categories: recreational and advanced balls.

As you improve your game then you can improve the amount of new golf balls you can carry in your bag.

Like golf clubs, golf balls are subject to testing and approval by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the United States Golf Association, and those that do not conform with regulations may not be used in competitions

Recreational balls are oriented toward the ordinary golfer, who generally have low swing speeds (80 miles per hour or lower) and lose golf balls on the course easily.

Golfers spend hundreds of dollars every year on the latest and greatest golf balls in hopes for a few extra yards off the tee and that dream of backing it up when it hits the green like the pros do.

As an aspiring golfer you will notice that purchasing “new” brand name balls can be quite expensive especially when you will lose many of them to the water hazards and deep rough surrounding every golf course.

As you improve your game then you can improve the amount of new golf balls you can carry in your bag.

Even the professionals will agree that using mint condition golf balls are the very best idea for golfers who are desiring to shape their shots.

However, most golfers do not try to shape shots, they try to hit it on the fairway. Therefore, a ball that matches your swing is what you should choose.

A golfer with a slow swing speed should probably go with a low compression ball. Their low compression and side spin reduction characteristics suit the lower swing speeds of average golfers quite well.

If the compression of a golf ball does not match a golfer’s swing
speed, either the lack of compression or over-compression will occur, resulting in loss of distance.

Do you really need to go out and spend $50 a case to play better golf. I have been known to play used golf balls and found no difference in my performance. Don’t be embarrassed to shop around for cheap golf balls either.


As you improve your game then you can improve the amount of new golf balls you can carry in your bag.
There are millions of golf balls to choose from, and I will try to cut through all the hype to make your purchasing decision easier. Buy a ball that suits your swing!

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