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When you are on the practice range and you have a bucket of balls, a lot of the time you do not take the time to aim. In the a round of golf if you are not aligned correctly, you waste a lot shots that you may have hit well. So practice aligning your shot all the time even in practice. The following article will describe some tips to help you align your shot to be rewarded when you make the perfect golf swing.

Practice the alignment

One way to practice alignment is by picking out a spot in front of you that is close. It could be a divot, a bump, a pebble, a leaf just pick the spot and that is the point that you take aim at. Up close to you is a lot easier to setup your alignment rather than looking way down the fairway.

Make sure you walk behind the golf ball and look at the part you picked to aim at and be sure it is aligned to the target. Once you are sure you can walk around to the left of the golf ball but always keep an eye on your target as you could loose it.

Setting of Your Stance

Now as you walk up to the ball you can start your routine.  I suggest you place your shaft on your thighs or shoulders pointing parallel to your target.


The shaft of the club should be aiming parallel left of the target.

Details of the stance golf link for further instruction


Pick a close range target and align parallel to left of target. If you align this way and your golf swing is correct you should improve your golf score immediately. Practice on the driving range, practice in your yard and you will improve your swing alignment and score.